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David Sanders
David Sanders

100,000 Apps Available For BB10 Devices !!TOP!!

\"When touch devices got introduced five years ago, it was a revolutionary user interface, with apps and the application grid,\" Heins told ABC News. \"But what we did was take this to the next level and reinnovated the application grid.\"

100,000 apps available for BB10 devices

And because it's a modern smartphone it has apps too. Despite software developers' having to create all new applications for the new platform, BlackBerry has secured over 100,000 BlackBerry 10 applications in its store. There are popular ones too, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Amazon Kindle, Skype, Rdio and more.

In February the US Defense Department confirmed plans to open its networks to 100,000 new devices from Apple and Google by February of next year. At that time the Pentagon said its networks had about 470,000 BlackBerrys, 41,000 Apple products, and 8,700 Android devices.


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