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Le Labo Rose 31 Where To Buy Extra Quality

Le Labo is a relatively new niche perfumery in New York City. Last week I posted some background on Le Labo along with a list of their fragrances, and today I am wearing one of the offerings for men, Rose 31, by perfumer Daphne Bugey. The fragrance notes are Grasse rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaïac wood, oudh wood, cistus, vetiver and animalic notes.

le labo rose 31 where to buy

The rose itself is subdued, and I tend to notice it more from a distance, especially after the fragrance dries down. Up close, Rose 31 is all deep, dry woods with earthy undertones and soft spices. It has a slight medicinal edge in the early stages, perhaps from the oudh, but that calms nicely. It is a dark scent, more warm than cool, but it is not particularly heavy, and I find it only mildly animalic. It is not too masculine for a woman to wear, but there is nothing at all feminine about it, and certainly it is more likely to appeal to someone who likes spicy woods scents than someone who is looking for a rose soliflore.

I have always had a love affair with Iris 39 and found it passionate, animalic, dirty, earthy and owned both that and Rose 31 but though I always liked Rose 31 and used it too, I had found it slightly odd and perhaps not as much me as Iris 39. I lost my bottle that I finally got back after three years and I have to say it knocked me off my feet. People change and our tastes evolve too and I have lately been into roses more than any other flower but not too straight roses. Anymore I am more than very picky about perfumes and what I am willing to buy and I have to say that I cannot wipe Rose 31 out of my memory, have not been able to get my mind off of it, so I had to reorder even along with body care and this happens to me very rarely anymore. I cannot even fully describe it as not one note dominates and it is probably one of the most unique perfumes ever created. It leaves a mesmerizing trail, it dominates but not in an overpowering way. I am a very feminine woman and I love this scent, I find nothing masculine about it, I think it can work perfectly though for men as well as women. Well, this can be an expensive addiction for sure.:)

In 2006, Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi founded fragrance house Le Labo, with a distinct intention to revolutionise a super-saturated mainstream market. Starting with one boutique in New York that blended perfumes to order rather than keeping stock and wrapped everything in brown paper, they have proven the demand for a chic, minimalist aesthetic by recently opening their 12th store, in East London. We spoke to Daphne Bugey, their collaborator and the nose behind their best-selling fragrance (Rose 31) to find out what inspires her creations, and what she liked about the brand.

Le Labo Rose 31 is a dark, dry, spicy rose scent intended for men but perfect for a women. Launched in 2006 and created by Daphne Bugey, it has notes of Centifolia rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaiac wood, oud, cistus, vetiver and animalic notes. Rose 31 is an eau de parfum, edp.

Le Labo Rose 31 has quickly become a signature fragrance in Le Labo's line. It is distinctive how you get hit with cumin - brace yourself for it - then pepper, pepper and more pepper, then the rose (this really isn't a big rose perfume!) shows up along with woods and incense and a few hints of spice. It is charming. Well, eventually. My favorite way to get Rose 31 is to get the Laundress Rose 31 Laundry detergent and wash my sheets in it. OMG, heaven.

From Basenotes - "Le Labo's Rose 31 is quite possibly the best unisex rose fragrance on the market. Rose fragrances have a reputation of being either very demure tea rose snowflakes, or brash and garish in-yo-face hello kittys. Rose 31 is expertly blended with great ingredients- its light but still full-bodied rose note is filtered through a dash of cumin, dusted with cedar, and softened by a base of woody oud and musk. The overall affect is of a medium-rare woody and spicy accord softened by rose water. If you find something such as Czech & Speake's No. 88 as too much of a good thing, this is a fantastic alternative."

Damascus Rose is a gorgeous and earthy fragrance full of complementary contradictions. Soft, sweet rose notes get tangled up with earthy vetiver notes in a beautiful struggle for prominence. This pleasing dance takes place against a backdrop of cedar, musk, and spicy cumin. A touch of powdery incense and dark oud rounds out the paradoxical collage, creating a fragrance experience that is highly addictive! Inspired by Le Labo Rose 31!

The spices are warm...the rose is fresh. Damascus Rose smells and performs better than the scent that inspired it. Additionally, the presentation on the 100ml bottle is great. This is a perfect scent for any time, any place, especially when you want to smell different from the pack.

The MECCA view:Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity, this unique scent takes the typically soft, delicate Grasse rose and adds a unique, virile edge through the addition of assertively present woody notes.

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