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Bella Donna (2) - APRIL 13, 2007

Well we went out to dinner last night to celebrate John's birthday and our departure from

Road Town today. It was a welcome celebration following a very busy getting ready to leave day. We went to The Dove, a funky restaurant near the marina. The quality of food was remarkable, not the usual Caribbean thing. We even had Rombauer CharDonnay! The restaurant was in a large house that stretched from a street in the front to a street in the back. We entered from the side where the first thing you see is the kitchen through a large open, no covering, window. The next room was a bar so crowded you could hardly walk through it.

The tables were set up in rooms and outside on patios at the other end of the large house.

The walk to and from The Dove provided just the right amount of exercise to guarantee a

good night's sleep.

Today the sun is shining bright and the morning is perfect. John is "polishing the apple",

otherwise known as Bella Donna. There are workers crawling all over Bella Donna as we

prepare to leave by noon or so or maybe first light tomorrow.

Well, we left the dock at 12:30. A little late but the marina staff wanted to see us in person; they would not take a credit card over the phone. We travel about a quarter of a mile and fuel up duty free; this saves about a dollar a gallon, which is significant. We are only going to Peter Island, about 5 miles away. We will track how many nautical miles per gallon we get on average sailing east to west and let you know later.

We have arrived at Peter Island, 18 21.211 N 64 34.917 W, the wind is out of East at

8.2 kts. Don and I are sending emails over wireless. It is 4 PM here and everyone else is

already sleeping. We will probably have an early dinner, watch the movie Casino Royal and start early tomorrow for the Panama Canal which is approximately 1027 NM from our current position. We had a professional photographer take our picture as we left the fuel dock in Road Town today and I took some shots of Bella Donna that we will post on web when we get to internet café in Panama.

God Bless Bella Donna.

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