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Christmas Wish - for Peace & Productivity in America - Stop Federal Government Power Grab

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Wouldn't it be nice to see political Democrats and Republicans be able to work together to better America again. I can't tell you how many people have told me they have stopped watching the news because Politics are so depressing. Nobody loves the complex nonfunctional America we have become. First I think we need to set the framework for progress towards peace and productivity.

Keep It Simple

Our Constitution was brilliantly designed by several young men and Benjamin Franklin at 70 years of age. The young man who actually put pin to paper, coalescing the ideas and drafting the structure of the Constitution was James Madison, at the age of 18. How Old Were the Leaders of the American Revolution on July 4, 1776(click here)? The original signed document was 4 pages long, 4618 words, including signatures, slightly larger than Twitter's new max length for a tweet. This Constitution created the leader of the free world, a powerful attraction for immigrants from throughout the world. It's first words are "We The People". With it's now 27 amendments added since it was originally written, it is now 7 pages or 7,589 words. In comparison, the average State Constitution is much larger, containing about 23 pages, 26,000 words. This is as it should be as the States are closer to the People, . That is why the 10th Amendment to our Constitution says "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the states (States Rights), down to the cities and down to the communities respectively. All remaining powers belongs to The People, "of the People, by the People and for the People", our freedoms. There should be a smooth flow of simple Federal Constitution to more specific State Constitution to County, City, Community ending with Family Governance. The power of democracy under the various Constitutions flows bottom up, from The People to Federal, and NOT top down from Federal to The People. All People, Democrats. Republicans and Independents are invested in our United States of America.

Federal Government Power Grab

Constitutional Workaround

Just like a scam artist can find a way around safeguards we deploy to protect us. The Federal Government weather controlled by Republicans or Democrats has devised ways to take power from the People and control The People instead of The People controlling them. These workarounds are effective even though Democracy is 100% left in place, Democracy is not enough to stop it.

A natural human condition is for People to join together and control their Government. Typically this is done top down, see Different Types of Governments Around the World. Our government for 180 years has been remarkably different; Our government was bottom up until the transformation increased dramatically under President Lyndon B. Johnson following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, now being reported to be with the knowledge of our own CIA. By 1970 the growth of Federal Programs granting monetary support to the States in return for States accepting regulation, had reached $24 Billion and the Federal Government Employees and Power over the People had increased more dramatically year by year. By 2015 the funds spent to circumvent States Rights and control the People grew to $641 Billion. Under Biden one would think it is well over a Trillion by now. The amount of Federal regulation, power and control (loss of Freedom), is directly proportional to the increase of regulatory control of our Federal government has over our lives. See Congress v. the Constitution for more detail. No one can deny we are well down a path to top down Government in the USA. Note: I am not saying it is a conspiracy but a natural human seeking of control, safety and guarantees. See Few Americans understand the degree to which the Constitution’s safeguards are being whittled away. We must remind them of these safeguards. for details.

Our Constitution is a brilliantly designed plan to maximize freedom, equality, liberalism, progress and prosperity for all its citizens. The brilliant men who devised this plan were young, 18 to 40, who had deep historical knowledge of free societies that had tried and failed before US and access to Benjamin Franklin who at 70 lived a remarkable life offering great wisdom.

Democratic Socialism versus Liberal Democracy

Without the Constitution's safeguards our fragile Liberal Democracy is transformed into Democratic Socialism. See Socialism and The Constitution for more detail. Elected representatives of the People as well as career government workers are subject to the same tendencies as the average Citizen, The People, see How The People are Doing (below). This tendency is to follow the easy way the almost guaranteed way to be powerful, NOT successful. The Constitution is both a reflection of the Free Market and the creator of the Free Market. In a Liberal Democracy everything can be constantly challenged even the interpretation of the Constitution itself. If the values of society reset to People with social power, especially secular power, discarding the common faith based religious values, the meaning of the Constitution is twisted into a dangerous plan that repeats the historical free societies of the past, e.g. Roam. This is made much easier if the powerful includes those who are able to control Free Speech.

The "Three Legged Stool" -> Balanced, Successful USA

The three legs of our stool are the (1)various levels of government (Federal, State, County, City, Community and Family), (2)the various faith based religions and (3)the People, the citizens of the USA. The USA was designed to require no specific religion but depend on and support all religions to the extent doing so does not conflict with the Constitution and it's Rule of Laws. Our Government was not designed to succeed without religious faith and life support. How balanced is this three legged stool ?

How Federal Government Balance is Doing ?

Macromanagement is the role designed for the Federal Government. In recent history our Federal Government and its politics have ventured towards micromanagement taking control of People's lives from not only other lower level government entities but also almost completely from our religious institutions. In recent history the US Federal Government has increased social spending, outside the free market, that conflicts with the spirit and intent of our American history from 1776 to 2000 where spending was not ideal but manageable. In 2000 our Federal Government debt was $5+ trillion; that has grown to over $31 trillion, $31,000,000,000,000, not manageable in the opinion of many experts. When we consider religious charity today we see the Federal Government shelling out large sums of money in to the disadvantaged. Rather than investing in the disadvantaged to compete in the Free Market where they can prosper and pay back, they "print money" that working American must pay back at inflated interest rates, a perverted way of buying Democratic votes Why not both Democrats and Republicans contract with faith based religious free market companies that transform disadvantaged people into productive people, a new kind of salvation army. It would be more effective, cost working people a lot less, effectively neutralize some political conflict and return faith based religion to a relevant partner in our country's success.

How Faith Based Religion Balance is Doing ?

Faith based religions are staunchly conservative to the point of appearing to not be liberal and progressive, resisting change and refusing to update their beliefs to be relevant to today's issues. Science and technology has evolved the world far beyond the context of the ideas and solutions that existed thousands of years ago when religious beliefs were developed. It is urgent that faith based religions become extremely politically active to "make their leg of the stool" stronger helping to make our American experience successful.

Faith based religions should be more active than the Federal Government in supporting the disadvantaged.

How The People are Doing ?

People are provided a fair and equal basic education, 1 -> 12, by government which should be more than enough to be self-sufficient, producing at least enough value in the Free Market to support their basic needs. In America people are free to dream and plan for the things people want to have and the things people want to do in their life. People plan by estimating the cost/price in the Free Market of what they want. Next people iterate between gaining knowledge and testing their earning power in the Free Market. Sometimes people invest in a college or university to gain knowledge full-time while working or not. Depending on the personal goals this process goes on for years; there are no guarantees of success. The outcome is individually personal - A Life's Story. This process is as it should be, as good as it gets, and is what People call a successful life.

Some people want the guarantee; for example if I get this degree then I should get the things I planned for. People like this want the certainty of childhood when their parent provided the things they expected if they did what the parent required. A child does not have to worry about even being self-sufficient and a child eventually gets most of the things they feel they deserve. That is just how most families work in America.

The adult world, the Free Market, is not a family, nor should it be. If you want something you have to earn it. This means you must trade something you have of value for what you want. A person's ideas, solutions and labor have value in a free market.


Federal Level Simplicity

Federal governance should protect our freedoms and security completely and simply at a very high level in the same spirit and framework as our original Constitution. Federal Government should be simple, small and swift; it sets the superstructure for the much larger and detailed governance that is closer to the People. Federal laws should be general, simply stated and jurisdiction and execution applied equally to all States.

For example, last year's decision by the Supreme Court to reverse Row vs Wade is totally justified. First of all the Constitution does not explicitly address abortion so the power to decide is delegated to the States and the People. Secondly, what issue is more personal than a person deciding to terminate a life. Clearly this has to be an issue for Democracy much closer to We The People than the Federal Government which is furtherest from the People.

Remove Gender, Sex and Race from Federal Governance

The Federal Government should address issues involving People, the Citizens of the USA not gender, sex and race. Times have changed since July 4, 1776, but one thing has NOT and that is "We The People". Today we can simply address the protection, welfare, equal opportunity and freedom of "We The People". The Constitution and all it's federal laws should be applied equally to all People, citizens of the USA. It is just that simple.

Freedom of Speech and Thought is Absolute

Every opinion, objective truth, idea and solution is important to be freely expressed. In a truly Liberal Progressive Democracy, free speech is essential for the evolution of life to a higher form. Hate speech is harmful only if believed true. In a open truly Liberal Progressive Equal country hate speech is seen for what it is and unfavorable to the speaker. Finding the truth far outweighs avoiding harmless hate. Hate speech is always subjective; any attempt to restrain conceals the pursuit of the Truth, idea, solution or even the dark opinionated thoughts pinpointing the speaker.

The Constitution, Righting a Wrong and Rule of Law

Righting a wrong is not in the Constitution. The Rule of Law is used to punish and rehabilitate Persons guilty of breaking a Law. That is the justice and equality in the USA. The store owner is not reimbursed for stolen goods. The family is not given reparations for supporting father that is killed even though the responsible party's identity is known. So why are The People responsible for reparations, expenses, for which they are not found guilty to be given to People that they have NOT been wronged.

Socialism Beyond Protection and Basic Needs is NOT Required

The US constitution does not preclude a democratic majority from taxing and spending to any limit. However, over taxing and "printing money" lowers productivity and raises inflation. In the long run higher socialistic spending hurts the very People Government is trying to help. In a healthy Free Market anyone able that has basic needs covered can earn a better way of life.

Illegal Immigration

The vast majority of US citizens are given 12 or more years of education to insure they can participate in our Free Market to be self-sufficient, have a working knowledge of their Freedoms and know how Government works. Common sense says we expect an equivalent process to vet immigrants as equally ready to pursue citizen responsibilities. We The People do not want to go deeper in debt to support immigration. The number of immigrants We The People can accept at a time is limited, of course. Therefore all immigration should be Legal, orderly and planned.

MEM X Smart Write Says - AI Speaks for Me on Immigration

"Immigration should be managed responsibly, with the safety and security of citizens being the highest priority. Immigration policies should reflect the values of the nation, taking into account the economic and social implications of immigration. Those seeking to become citizens should be expected to demonstrate a commitment to the values and principles of the United States and an understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship. This can be accomplished through a combination of background checks, language tests, and other measures that ensure immigrants have the skills and knowledge necessary to become productive members of society. Additionally, those seeking to immigrate should be given the opportunity to apply for legal residency and citizenship in an orderly and timely manner."

Conclusion also written by MEM X - AI

"The Constitution and its Rule of Law are designed to provide balance between the various levels of government, faith based religions, and the People. This balance allows for the greatest freedom, equality, liberalism, progress and prosperity for all citizens. To ensure this balance is maintained and to ensure the People have the greatest opportunity to succeed, the Federal Government should partner with faith-based religious organizations to provide social services, such as those for the disadvantaged, rather than using the Federal budget to fund them directly. This partnership would help to reduce the burden on the Federal budget, help to neutralize some political conflict, and return faith-based religion to a relevant partner in our country's success."

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