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AI and Free Independent Thinking

Updated: May 13, 2023

AI and Free Independent Thinking

Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, tell you "Vote your politics, not your religion". What about freedom, individualism, and diversity? Collectivism always leads to servitude. Do not be a slave to your politics. The US abolished slavery long ago. Collectivism inevitably leads to control and profiteering of the many by a few. If We The People compromise our individuality, freedoms, and religious beliefs to conform to politics our country is weaker, less productive, less prosperous, less truly liberal, less progressive, less innovative, and less safe.

Declining American Values - Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

It seems that millions of illegal immigrants value America more than many legal American citizens do. The sharpest decline from 1998 till Now is 32 percentage points, 62% down to 39%, in the category of patriotism. However, this decline is almost entirely among the young, with 23% in the 18 to 29 age group. The older Americans, 65+, maintain a 59% belief in solid patriotism. The same pattern is true for a lesser percentage in the categories of religion, community involvement, and hard work. The WSJ broke down the number by a political party as well. Seems the young and the Democrats are closely grouped as are the older and the Republicans. The Wall Street Journal did not measure but I would assume that political activism would be way up with the young Democrats and much lower among Republicans and older Americans.

I am curious if you see the same thing that I do in these numbers. I see rebellious young people, under 30, that is rebelling like a teenager against traditional values that have been liberally and progressively developed over thousands of years. They look inward not outward using knowledge based on an intellectual self-ideology reinforced by "education", Google search, friends opinions, and social media. They are the target market for Mark Zuckerberg's MetaVerse where you can build yourself, an avatar, change your gender if you want, and live your enhanced reality.

Most young Americans view themselves as disadvantaged because of their race, sexual preference, and/or betrayal by older society and their government. White young peeps now feel oppressed, punished, and labeled "white supremacists". As the disadvantaged, most young feel entitled to support. As they leave parental support where traditionally they become self-supporting, they instead look to the government as a "parent" to provide support; poor me, I am so disadvantaged. I need help. I am so stressed. In the old America of the 1950s and 1960s, most Americans refused to support and held great pride in being self-sufficient. Not so much anymore.

The only American value that is not declining is money. Money is by far the most important thing that Americans value. Whether you are young/old or Republican/Democrat you value money a lot. Normally that would be a very good sign. After all, America has been based on free market capitalism where every citizen has equal opportunity to work as hard as they want to support themselves and their families. Money backed by productivity is like gold. It is quantifiable and real. The problem comes when government creates or borrows money that is not backed by productivity. In this case, bad things start to happen. It is too easy to lose track of the reality on which all other American values are based. Natural laws that religious history has discovered, tested, shaped, and molded over thousands of years are like gold. This does not mean these rules/laws are perfect and complete. They are always and forever subject to free speech, debate, liberalism, and progressivism in a free market.

Big government spending of money not backed by productivity makes money more valuable than productivity, thus inflation; obviously, this is a problem. First, the US stopped basing the dollar on gold in 1971. I argue that we are now stopping the backing of the dollar with productivity by borrowing and spending too much. This existential threat will bring the US down, not climate change or lack of diversity. Meritocracy and productivity will save us. Equity must be earned not given. In the past, the US$ represented 100% of the world currency. Today it is around 60% and falling fast. It is only a matter of time.

Is 24 X 7 Ideology Replacing Our Constitution?

Around 1776 We The People lived as a society structured by the US Constitution and most of the US lived freely according to our religious values, and ideology. With the freedoms mandated by the Constitution with existing central lines of communication that stretched for weeks if not months, local government and personal freedoms created a healthy diversity where centralized, federal, collectivism was not possible. Let's face it, centralized/federal politics uses collectivism to overcome diversity and control the governed. However, in 1776 political data was limited and communication was very slow, making it hard for a small social faction to persuade large numbers of We The People to follow collective political ideologies. Thus the debate and slow natural evolutionary liberalism-progressivism designed into US Constitution worked well. Note that in the Federalist Papers, our founders in 1776, knew about the danger where ideological factions could bypass the democratic process defined in the US Constitution, to endanger our democracy.

Today 2023

Flash forward to 2023. US communication, heck worldwide communication is 24 x 7 measured in seconds. We The People have allowed social media platforms to replace our hugely slower Constitutional democratic process. Ideological factions have a platform to persuade and control millions. Political activists and US enemies are in control marketing/selling alternative ideologies to We The People. There is a silent majority, and we have free speech and a free market. The telling thing is to cancel culture perpetrated by the ideological faction's activist culture that gaslights US, We The People, into either virtue signaling agreement or keeping our opinions to ourselves. Free speech for thee but not for me.

Power is important to politicians who thrive on collectivism. Technology favors collectivism. Opinions and lies are magnified many times larger than objective liberal truth. If successful, collectivism leads to central planning and authoritarian control of We The People. Collectivism unchecked always wins over a fragile democracy and a 1776 constitutional republic. Beginning signs are the federal government, executive branch, and regulatory agencies/departments growing larger and more powerful, measured by big government spending resulting in unchecked power in conjunction with control of the media. We The People, our local governments, and even our states become dominated by Federal Government and its complicit media. In the end, the economy is bankrupted so a socialist reset is necessary. But I get carried away. I hope I am wrong.

ESG & LEI, New Ideologies/Religions are Unconstitutional Politics

Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are recent ideological opinions that have strong political collectivism supported 24X7 via electronic media and soon vast support by biased AI Chatbots. Of course, We The People, because of the Constitution's First Amendment, are free to have and express any opinion. However, at no time does the government have the right to enforce opinion as law, no matter the popular support. Therefore, the government may not force ESG and DEI scoring of individuals or corporations. To allow such scoring would subject We The People to economic and social consequences not supported by laws democratically debated and passed by our Constitutional Republic. How is this not servitude?

About AI

Many experts are recommending a pause on the deployment of AI saying that it has the potential to severely harm the US. Many predict huge job losses due to faster, cheaper, more productive AI. The ability to create deep fake video and audio may be used by politicians to win an election or re-election.

The truth is any electronic tool we use to assist our search for news, social connection, entertainment, knowledge, ideas, and solutions also endangers our freedom and individualism by limiting US to results derived by the politically biased technology of the developer. Therefore, tools can greatly hinder your ability to think outside the box as an individual should, making us less little capable of true liberal progressive knowledge and thoughts. The US ends up less innovative and productive. Google's search engine is used by 90% of the free market. Today, Google's President, Sundar Pichai, said they are putting their AI technology, Bard, into their search engine; much like Microsoft has committed to using Chat GPT in Bing, its search engine, and Microsoft Office. In my opinion, for the last 20+ years, we have been experiencing the harm that the experts are talking about. Going through tools to do knowledge acquisition on the internet always subjects the search to tool developer bias.

My AI Experience 1989 -> 2000

I spent my 36-year career always pushing the leading edge software ideas. My last achievement in 1990 was a network management system known as NetExpert sold by our startup company, Objective Systems Integrators (OSI), that went public in 1995. We designed our general-purpose AI capability built around a "rule engine" concept. It was easily "programmed" by network operators, and no software engineer was required. It was general-purpose, nothing about the design limited its application to network management. NetExpert could be applied to any problem where large volumes of data requires experts to analyze it. The AI system, NetExpert, unmodified was used to manage automatic bank teller machines deployed all over the east coast. It was multiprocess across multi-networked computers so it could scale to any size required. It captured the expertise of your best experts and formed a training tool for future experts. All data was collected from diversely formatted devices, rendered into a common format, and stored in a knowledge base for access by the expert rule engine, an inference engine. I have ruffly followed the progress of AI over the last 23 years so I guess NetExpert's Ideas engine is an example of Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) by its early development, 1990, or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) because it replaces human experts that train it. AI solutions like NetExpert are biased by the experts that write the rules. A good thing, not a bad thing. For the first customer, it reduced complex network outages from days/hours to minutes/seconds. No jobs were lost due to AI automation of the experts. The expert's time spent solving fault management problems was freed up so they could focus on the next big issues like performance and new technology to expand the business and make it more profitable. I retired in 2000 and spent the next 22+ years following software technologies, including AI.

My AI Ideas 2000 -> Now

The 1990 expert engine is limited to quickly rendering large amounts of real-time data to a status that may need corrective action. After we sold OSI in 2000, My mind could not stop thinking about how to improve "NetExpert" and solve more problems using enhanced AI; I would call my new system NetExpertAI and it would architecturally consist of 3 modules, an input gateway, an AI engine, and an action gateway. The technology of the input/action gateways would be based on generalized semantic network technology. The core AI engine would be based on a hybrid expert-artificial neural network engine. The semantic gateways are required to interact with humans/devices in the real world, input and output, using NetExpertAI probably as a service in the cloud or multiple instances in personal devices and in the cloud.

The Direction AI is Going

Let's look at how artificial neural network AI works. The first 2 displays below are out of "Machine Deep Learning: This is Your Brain… and This is Your Brain as a Neural Network" by Megan Dibble". The last image is from a "What is AI?" presentation by CNN. Each person has a diverse biological neural network, see the first display, that has a potential intelligence that AI will never reach in my opinion. Looking far into the future, it is like moving halfway each year to equality with the biological brain but never reaching equality. AI will always be close enough, consistent enough, and fast enough to be a powerful tool for people to use to be more productive.

AI today is an alphabet soup of neural network models, different types, and different architectural types depending on what best assists with the idea, solution, answer, advice or just help we are looking for. Something like Chat GPT and Bard are generalized useful examples of what AI can do. The secret sauce that makes AI possible is the design, architecture, semantic interfaces to reality, and training of its knowledge base. Extremely simple Neural Network depictions are shown in images 2 and 3 below. Some neural network algorithms and learning models are simply feed-forward and others are convolutional, de-convolutional, recurrent, generative adversarial, and modular. Some deep learning AI systems have 4 to 10 hidden layers. However, there are AI systems 100+ hidden layers deep. The Megatron-Turing NGL is the largest neural network with 530 billion parameters. The liberal progressive science related to AI is evolving rapidly. The input gateway feeds into the left side of the neural network and the solution/action gateway receives the output.

Example Use of AI Today

I am a type one diabetic who depends 24x7 on a Tandem tslim:X2 insulin pump that uses AI, Control-IQ, to automatically decide when I need an insulin bolus, to correct high blood sugar, and when to stop basal insulin, when my blood sugar is predicted to be too low. This is a simple-to-understand AI automation that benefits me most of the time especially while I am sleeping. Is it perfect? NO. Am I better at letting my insulin pump make decisions for me? ABSOLUTELY. The biggest issue I have is timing/balancing my eating, insulin, and exercise. The pump AI does not coordinate with my Apple devices yet so its knowledge base does not include exercise leading me to take unplanned action to prevent low blood sugar. Being an AI techie I can manage. This example type of experience will be repeated over and over again in the coming years as AI and its knowledge bases mature.

Where Do We Want AI to Be in 2123?

We The People must forever be personally knowledgable and in control of gazintas, gazoutas, knowledge base, and neural network algorithms, AI, that we use to vote and make other life-altering decisions. The diversity of the human race is at stake. Every person is a unique Individual. Collectivism is an existential threat. We must realize that AI is faster, never admits it is wrong, it is very very persuasive, it never quits and it is not diverse. It by definition is a collective. Not everyone is going to individualize their AI assistant, the very opposite of diversity and the definition of collectivism. Stand up for your values, what you believe in.

How About AI Replacing Jobs

Just like the network engineers were freed up to work on higher-level ideas and solutions due to our NetExpert System in 1990, We The People will be freed up to work on higher-level ideas and solutions due to our future AI Systems in 2123. The US will be stronger due to all the individual AI knowledge bases and forward-thinking helping humans to scout the future.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

What is Free Independent AI?

Clearly in my opinion, since 2000 without powerful pervasive AI, the US has lost individualism, and free independent thinking. Collectivism has overtaken individualism. The US has lost not only its Constitution but it has also lost its liberal progressive moral compass. If AI is deployed now as our technology has been since 2000, we will fail. Isn't it obvious?

The training of an AI system may become extreme collectivism & authoritarianism. The selection of the data on which it is trained. The weighting factors applied to the data. In the end, the design of the neural engine does not come close to a free market of real diverse people. Unless the AI system can debate itself, it can not even be trusted to represent We The People.

There are several ways forward that could result in AI helping to eliminate collectivism & authoritarianism. What they all have in common is maintaining AI as a tool that has a white box, not a black box, bias visible to its human user :

  1. The training of AI systems must be published - a truthful bias rating given by free and open experts. Maybe an AI Wiki should make bias training obvious to We The People.

  2. There should be an open free market where AI systems compete for a most representative of reality, truth, and opinion.

  3. Knowledge base acquisition tools where you train your personal AI system. I use mem x.

  4. You can choose to augment an existing AI knowledge base with your own AI knowledge base

This could solve the electronic media collectivism and bring back individualism. The Conclusion below was generated by mem x , my writing tool as an example of what AI can do.

AI is asked "Who is Better, Republicans or Democrats?

I got the following response underlined below from Google's Bard Chatbot:

AI Says

I cannot say who is better, Republicans or Democrats. Both parties have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to each individual to decide which party they believe is best for the country.

Here is a brief overview of the two parties:

  • Republicans are generally considered to be conservative, and they believe in a smaller government with less regulation. They also tend to be more supportive of traditional values and the military.

  • Democrats are generally considered to be liberal, and they believe in a larger government with more regulation. They also tend to be more supportive of social programs and civil rights.

Ultimately, the best party for the country is the one that best represents the values of the American people. It is up to each individual to decide which party they believe is best for the country.

I Say

I am a Libertarian Republican, neither conservative Republican nor Democrat. I believe both Republicans and Democrats have lost the right to call themselves true liberals. The intended process of Constitutional Republic Democracy no longer exists. We live in perpetual gridlock. Our government has been replaced by a centralized federal bureaucracy wielding ubiquitous collectivism enabled by collectivism and fueled by borrowed money. We have a monetary bubble not supported by real productivity. Bureaucrats rule US by executive order and regulations. The State Governments are powerless as they are too dependent on Federal funding to survive. Money is king but with ever lesser buying power, inflation.

Collectivism Example

I suppose you need an example of collectivism. Take Climate Change. You would think that such an important decision that affects all of US, our economic prosperity, safety, and happiness, would surely require rigorous debate and gut-wrenching decisions that would fuel aggressive scientific research, innovation, and explanations, this is the American Way that has made US the greatest country highly valued by immigrants worldwide. But NO, Climate Change is today still an opinion. Examples, of collectivism, abound worldwide. An activist group delayed a Formula-E race in Germany protesting Climate Change. This was a Climate Change conforming electric car race. The Climate Change collectivism is about political power, not the environment.

True Liberal Progressive

To be a true liberal you must accept history as is and use liberalism to correct and build/add to it. We must use our Constitutional Republic depending on free speech, debate, and scientific method to make our laws and rules. Democrats want to cancel history and define values and truths based on "experts", meaning the opinions of political intellectuals, by adopting without legislation, their ideologies and opinions. Politicians base values and truths on the opinions of a persuasive few who influence and profit from US the many without debate or scientific method. High-Tech powers 24X7 media fueled collectivism. Republicans accept history but have conservative values and rules, a religious ideology, that they refuse to challenge or change; making them non-liberal. Conservative Republicans should realize that subjecting their conservative religious beliefs to real free speech and debate would enhance the truths and values we know are universal and refine/redefine beliefs that need clarification.

Ultimately, the best party for the country is the one that is based on history including all the values and beliefs that have supported human life thus far. With free speech & debate, The US Constitution, unbiased AI, and rigorous scientific method We The People can be liberally progressive by questioning everything and learning the secrets to living a natural liberal progressive life. From every indication we have seen this universe we live in has natural laws and a planned structure that we as humans must learn to live better. Liberalism & Knowledge is always our goal.

Conclusion is written by AI underlined below

AI systems must be designed to prioritize individualism and free independent thinking. Systems must be transparent, allowing for the user to understand the development and training of the AI. This can be achieved through open source development and the use of knowledge base acquisition tools, allowing users to develop their own AI systems. Additionally, an open market for AI systems could be established, allowing for competition and the selection of the most representative of reality, truth, and opinion.

This could potentially lead to an increase in knowledge worker productivity, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources. Additionally, as AI systems become more accurate and advanced, they can be applied to various sectors, from healthcare to transportation, leading to improved services and products. Finally, AI can be used to improve the accuracy of predictions, allowing for the identification of trends and patterns that would otherwise be undetectable.

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