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Live Life Better - Power and the Deep State

Updated: Jul 11

Power is addictive and insatiable, ever-increasing. When the Government becomes corrupt, those of moral character flee, leaving the power-seeking dark triangle people to propagate the corrupt pork barrel system that got them elected. They do not represent life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness (property, wealth, and free time) for each individual equally based on the citizen's merit and productivity. In America, we expect our representatives to deliver blind social justice, not equity. For an excellent analysis of Dark Triangle, people see:

President John Adams said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the Government of any other."

Unveiling the Enigma: what is the Deep State?

President Ronald Reagan's quote, "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government, and I'm here to help," resonates with the concept of Power and hierarchy. It illustrates the fear that can be instilled when those in Power, such as the Government, assert their authority. Power is bottom-up, not top-down. Leadership is implementing bottom-up objectives for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the most innovative, efficient, and equally fair way possible - Live Life Better.

There are two distinct conceptions of American governance: the one taught in classrooms, emphasizing the separation and balance of powers that safeguard our freedom, and the other, the Deep State. As the Constitution outlines, the former has three coequal branches of Government: a legislature that passes laws, an executive branch that implements them, and a judiciary that interprets them. This built-in division is meant to restrain government overreach and prevent abuses of money and Power. The President and members of Congress regularly stand for election to ensure the Government is accountable to the governed, and the judiciary serves in good behavior to ensure that justice is dispensed impartially.

Today, the Deep State is the Administrative State, politically biased media, oligarchy-like politically advantaged public businesses, and the radically politically correct enforcing public.

The other concept of American governance, the Deep State, began to take shape and grow in the 1930s, following the great depression. In response to the need for a more efficient executive branch, in 1984, SCOTUS allowed the Chevron Doctrine, the idea that the judicial branch of Government defers to the executive branch's many agencies, the judicial interpretations of the gaps and ambiguities in the laws they implement so long as those interpretations are "reasonable." This process bypassed the Constitution's critical separation of powers, checks, and balances; Republicans and Democrats have used it over the last 50 years to produce generalized laws that require political and ideological interpretations. Politicians and ideological factions tend to foster blurred laws that require a larger, more expensive, more autocratic government that is less of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, the fox is in our democratic chicken house.

Many of the Constitution's checks and balances, from the separation of powers to the right to jury trial, have fallen by the wayside. So has much of the Government's democratic accountability. Administrative judges-executive-branch employees routinely preside over trial-like proceedings without juries, letting agencies act as prosecutors and judges. 5/10/23 The Deep State is All Too Real - WSJ

This erosion of democratic accountability is a pressing issue we cannot ignore.

What Happens is Unconstitutional, Undemocratic, and therefore, UnAmerican.

Once distributed across government branches, Power has become alarmingly concentrated in the executive branch. Unaccountable career bureaucrats, complicit social media, and the growing oligarchy of political-public corporations essentially wield this Power. With their easy money advantages in our previously free market capitalistic economy, these entities are shaping our governance without the necessary transparency and accountability. This situation should raise serious alarm bells. Federal government laws and regulations override the state government's control of how their money is spent. More and more, the U.S. Government looks more like its trading partner, Communist China, and not of the people, by the people, and for the people. This comparison is not a conspiratorial talking point but a stark reality we must confront. The notion of a "deep state" isn't a conspiratorial talking point but a manifest political reality.

Today's corrupt representatives write and pass laws to support regulations favoring billion-dollar enterprises for political purposes. These laws are complex, wordy documents 15 to 1000 pages long. They are complicated, expensive, cause inflation, and are unfair. They circumvent unrestrained market capitalism, looking more like centrally controlled socialism, where favored private enterprises resemble socialist and communist oligarchies.

Regulations Threaten Our Democracy

Government regulations may be our most significant barrier to prosperity and threaten our freedom. Our legislative branch passes ambiguous laws that need judicial interpretation. The federal executive branch, which includes the Administrative State, issues thousands of new regulations, which are, in reality, Deep State autocratic laws, annually, adding to the 200,000 pages of federal regulations already in place. The SCOTUS is only now making judgments that begin to correct this existential threat to our democracy.

Career Bureaucrats

The Federal Government has 2.2 million civilian employees, but only 4,000 are political appointees the President can remove at will. The career bureaucrats, who aren't elected by the American people or appointed by the President, make many major policy decisions. Civil service protections make removing these employees incredibly difficult- and they know it. On average, a career bureaucrat spends 12 years performing paid public service. We expect public service to be performed according to the law and presidential orders, irrespective of personal preferences. Many do, however, many do not. They push their preferred policy passions. Regarding government workers, Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1. One can only remember - "When the Government becomes corrupt, those of moral character flee." One would think "social justice" would advocate for government demographics to mirror the governed in a Democracy.

Deep State Political Media

The Deep State exercises excellent control over both Democratic and Republican news sources. Their play is at a higher, more comprehensive level. The Deep State is neither partisan nor bipartisan; it is super-partisan. Its motives and actions use the politics of both parties. The Deep State rises above political Power to a level of ultimate national Power. Think about the historical events for which conspiracy theories have been developed. Each time, you will find the Deep State. Even our President must serve according to the plan of the Deep State. Some Presidents more than others.

Our press should be free, neutral, and independent of influence; it is not.

Political Public Oligarchy

While no U.S. business is a perfect analog to a socialist oligarchy (a system where a small group controls both the economy and political power while claiming to rule in the interest of the people), some exhibit specific characteristics that resemble this model:

  • Tech Giants (e.g., Apple, Microsoft, X, Alphabet(Google), Meta(Facebook), Amazon, Tesla): These companies wield enormous economic influence and control vast amounts of data, shaping public discourse and online interactions. They also provide essential services (search, social networking, e-commerce) upon which many rely, similar to how a state might control critical resources in a socialist system. However, these companies are not directly involved in political governance.

  • Family-Owned Conglomerates (e.g., Koch Industries, Mars Inc., Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway, Ford Motor Company, Cargill, Dell Technologies): These businesses are controlled by small family members with immense wealth and Power. They often lobby extensively to influence government policy to benefit their interests. However, they operate within a capitalist framework and are subject to market competition.

  • Private Equity Firms (e.g., Blackstone, KKR, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital): These firms acquire and control large numbers of companies across various industries, consolidating economic Power in the hands of a few investors. They often prioritize maximizing profits over the well-being of workers or broader social concerns, similar to how a socialist oligarchy might extract wealth from the population to benefit a ruling elite. However, they are not involved in political governance and operate within a capitalist framework.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples, and the comparison to socialist oligarchies is not perfect. While these businesses share some characteristics with such a system, they also operate within a socially democratic society. However, as we have seen, the Deep State is far from democratic and is not subject to checks and balances on its Power. There is no accountability and consequences, just unanswerable conspiracies.

Public Political Education

The report found 3,623 of the 7,243 professors were registered as Democrats, and only 314 were registered as Republicans. The ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans has increased in the past decade and is highest among young professors.

Rules for Radicals - The Democratic Party

Starting in the 1970s, progressive radicals successfully followed Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules for Radicals. All people who seek Power, most notably the Deep State people, notice their success. As we can see, radicals seek Power, and Power can corrupt. When a social system becomes corrupt, those of moral character flee. Thus, the Democratic party, our Federal Government, our educational systems, and the Deep State are staffed by too many corruptible dark triad people.

Let Us Deep Dive into the Dynamics of Power

  • Hierarchical Power: In the most recent 10 percent of human existence, hierarchical organization has risen. Before, the older 90 percent of human history was marked by a more egalitarian, shared power, flat extended family, and hunter-gatherer society, a stark contrast to the power dynamics we see today. So, we are only beginning to perfect how to live in a governed hierarchical society where the next big thing is generative A.I. -

  • Division of Labor Power- requiring a capitalistic economy with its many hierarchies. Division of labor is the separation of tasks in any economic system or organization so that participants may specialize. This specialization allows individuals or groups to focus on specific aspects of a production process, increasing efficiency and productivity.

    • Attributes of Specialization

      • Specialization: Individuals or groups develop expertise in a specific task or set of tasks, improving their skill and speed.

      • Efficiency: By breaking down complex processes into more straightforward tasks, the production process can be streamlined, reducing time and resources.

      • Increased output: Specialization and efficiency often lead to more excellent production of goods and services.

      • Interdependence: As tasks become more specialized, individuals and groups become more reliant on each other to complete the overall process.

    • Drawbacks of Specialization:

      • Monotony and lack of job satisfaction: Repetitive tasks can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction among workers.

      • Reduced skill variety: Workers may become overly specialized in one narrow area, limiting their overall skillset and making them less adaptable to change.

      • Dependency: Interruptions or issues in one part of the production process can ripple effect on the entire system.

  • Positional Power This type stems from a leader's formal authority and control due to their position within an organization. It includes:

    • Legitimate Power: This Power comes from having a formal title or role in the organization. People comply because they accept the leader's authority as rightful.

    • Reward Power: Leaders who can offer rewards, such as promotions, bonuses, or recognition, have reward power. People follow them to gain those benefits, thus achieving the job.

    • Coercive Power: Leaders have coercive Power when punishing or removing privileges. People comply to avoid negative consequences.

    • Information Power: Leaders with access to valuable information or knowledge that others need have information power. People follow them to gain access to this information.

  • Personal Power: derives from the leader's characteristics, skills, and qualities. It includes:

    • Expert Power comes from expertise, knowledge, or skills in a particular area. People follow experts because they trust their judgment and guidance.

    • Referent Power: Admired, respected, and trusted leaders possess referent power. People follow them to be associated with or emulate their qualities.

    • Connection Power: This is the Power that comes from having a solid network of relationships with influential people. Leaders with strong connections can leverage these relationships to get things done.

    • Charismatic Power: Leaders with charisma, charm, and the ability to inspire and motivate others have charismatic Power. People follow them because they are drawn to their vision and energy.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories abound throughout history and across cultures, often emerging in times of crisis or uncertainty. While most are debunked or lack credible evidence, they captivate the public imagination. Here are some of the most prominent and enduring conspiracy theories:

Government and Power-Related:

  • New World Order (NWO): The belief that a secretive, powerful group orchestrates events to establish a totalitarian one-world government.

  • The 9/11 Attacks: Questioning the official narrative, some believe the attacks were an inside job or allowed to happen to justify wars in the Middle East.

  • JFK Assassination: Theories persist that the assassination involved multiple shooters, government agencies, or other influential figures.

  • Moon Landing Hoax: Claims that the Apollo 11 moon landing was faked and filmed in a studio.

  • Chem trails: The idea that contrails left by airplanes are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed on the population for sinister purposes.

  • Area 51 and UFOs: The belief that the U.S. government is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life and technology in this secretive military base.

Health and Science-Related:

  • COVID-19 Origins: Claims that the virus was intentionally created in a lab or released as a bioweapon.

  • Vaccine Conspiracies: Theories about vaccines causing autism, infertility, or being used for population control.

  • Suppressed Cures: The belief that pharmaceutical companies and governments are suppressing cures for diseases like cancer for profit.


  • Illuminati: The theory that a secret society controls world affairs and events.

  • Reptilian Elite: The belief that shape-shifting reptilian humanoids control the world.

  • Flat Earth: The idea that the Earth is flat rather than a sphere.

  • False Flag Operations: The belief that governments stage terrorist attacks or other events to manipulate public opinion and justify political actions.

Please note that these are just a few examples, and many other conspiracy theories are circulating. It's essential to approach these theories critically and skeptically, evaluating the evidence and sources before forming conclusions.


KISS - The Keep It Simple Stupid Principle

The Deep State is a complex entity far from the ideal democratic society we envision. It is not simple, innovative, efficient, just, fair, or successful. It has no competitors and is rarely held accountable for its failures. It has become much bigger than the major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. If we are not careful, the Deep State will transform our democracy and render our Constitution irrelevant, yielding authoritarianism.

The presence of Pork Barrel Politics, excessive debt, inflation, no consequences for illegal acts, and redistribution of wealth (theft, a crime) violate equal protection under the law; the Deep State is not egalitarian. This stark contrast between the Deep State and our ideal society highlights the implications of power dynamics and hierarchy. Some people want Power and to rule, but if they can not rule, they want equal opportunity. Our instinct to rule is superseded by a stronger desire not to be governed by someone else, freedom. Power indeed corrupts; absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

Our Original Constitution was Simple

Our Constitution brilliantly expressed itself in only four pages. To illustrate how simple it is, consider the following sentence taken from the Constitution:

"Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of or bridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, and grievances were established in one sentence.

Very Important! The average length of a U.S. state constitution is about 39,000 words, compared to the U.S. federal constitution, which is less than 8,000 words. The Government closer to the people is bigger and more complex, while the federal Government should be small and straightforward. That is critical to restoring our democracy.

Get Rid of the Federal Centrally Controlled Deep State

Stopping deficit spending, dividing the one federal Deep State entity into 50 competing Deep State entities, and asking public companies to bid on public implementation would create free market-like competition that would drive each State to a more efficient, innovative, equitable, and democratic solution. Our federal lawmakers must work harder to use the proper high-level simplicity to delegate details to the State's three branches of Government to implement at their state level. Under no condition should the judicial branch, federal and State, defer legal review to the executive branch.

Social Spending - Government or Public

The Government's social spending leads to a larger, more complicated government, a less productive economy, debt, and inflation. Instead, excessively productive, wealthy Americans whose tax-free charity should support public tax-free corporations should support those too disabled to work. A much smaller Government would be a much more efficient, innovative social safety net that brings better life, liberty, independence, and the pursuit of happiness for the disabled.

How to Address a Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory represents a golden opportunity for democracy and liberal progressive truth to demonstrate their value and objective reality to Americans. As long as a conspiracy exists, it corrupts the people's knowledge, safety, progress, and Power; a lie begets more lies. Controversy is always a chance to find a fact or truth and make progress in living life better.

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Democrats are using antitrust law to manage mergers to support their political goals. US Steel sold itself to a Japanese company, Nippon Steel because it feared Democratic antitrust action. This is unsurprising—if they were not using climate change for political purposes, they would work with the scientific method and bipartisan incentives for the free market to find a progressive, prosperous solution. "The end justifying the means" is never a good democratic idea.

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Charter schools in NYC serve 70% minority students at 80% of the cost of public schools and have 20% better performance in math and science than public schools, elected officials say.

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An example of Deep State - politically passing legislation to support green infrastructure in swing states - borrowing money, raising the already greater than $33T debt, not as innovative and efficient as free market, inflationary, and trading profit for votes. This is unequal theft from We The People. But here is the kick in the gut, the money is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act!!!

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