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Live Life Better - Collectivism

Every life lived in freedom is precious and has the potential to improve our collective lives. Notice that modern socialism and capitalism build on collectivism, but only capitalism builds on individualism; socialism is based on centralized control, a large government that plans your "better life." Free market capitalism means you plan your better life.

The US government invests significantly in training its citizens to be individually productive. This training aims to create citizens capable of bringing about prosperity, living in a safe, stable economy with no inflation and manageable debt, and having each person be competent enough to vote for high-quality, democratically productive leadership. This societal structure is designed to maximize the potential of each individual to contribute to our collective well-being in a free market capitalism meritocracy where each person's success is up to their individual decisions and actions. Each person is free to decide on a life-work-wealth balance.

By embracing this philosophy, we maximize our potential and empower ourselves and others to bring about positive change in our immediate surroundings. Life's path is a treasure trove of opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Each of us possesses unique talents and abilities that, when harnessed, can create a ripple effect of change, whether in our immediate circle or on a broader scale. This potential for personal growth and the ability to make a difference is a powerful motivator for embracing this philosophy.

Pursuing a better life is about personal advancement, and each of us takes responsibility for our success first and then that of the whole. The country, the community, is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's about embracing shared responsibility and working together. We can aspire to build a safer, more inclusive world where everyone has the chance to flourish, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. This collective responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to a better world is a powerful motivator for embracing this philosophy, fostering a sense of shared purpose and unity.

Always remember that the journey to a better life is progressive. It demands patience, resilience, and a readiness to learn from missteps. The path may be arduous, but the rewards - personal contentment, inner tranquility, and the assurance that we have made a positive difference - make it all the more worthwhile. America has always been a work in progress. Hopefully, it always will be. We shape ourselves to fit our world, and by our new world, we are shaped again—rights and responsibilities in a balanced progressive democracy make living life better. This emphasis on the rewards of the journey instills a sense of hope and optimism in each of us.

Political Collectivism

At its core, politics is collectivism. It brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and ideologies to work towards a common goal—the welfare of a society or a nation. In a political democracy, this collectivism takes a form where every citizen has a voice and a say in the governance and policy-making process. This can be seen in voting during elections, participating in internet social media, or engaging in peaceful protests and demonstrations to express opinions and demand changes. For some things, a simple democratic majority lays down the rules applied equally to everyone. A super majority must make changes for other things deemed fundamentally necessary, e.g., our constitution constitutes super rules that apply to everyone equally.

Free Speech

This form of political collectivism balances power, ensuring no single group or individual holds absolute control. It encourages dialogue, debate, and negotiation, fostering an environment where diverse viewpoints are heard and considered. This is essential for a healthy democracy, as it prevents the concentration of power and promotes accountability and transparency in governance. There is no room for SAUL ALINSKY’S 12 RULES FOR RADICALS in a healthy democracy. Instead of bringing us all together in a progressive democracy, one side aims to shut down free speech, cancel speech, and use in-your-face disruptive tactics overpowering productive debate.


However, this does not mean that individualism is lost within this collective. On the contrary, each individual's unique perspectives and experiences contribute to the richness of the collective voice. This individual input adds diversity and depth to the political collective decision-making process, ensuring a wide range of needs and interests are considered.

Capitalism and democracy depend on individualism, individual ownership, efficiency control, productivity, and creativity. Russia and China failed to make socialism successful without a bit of capitalism, allowing individuals to profit from success.

Political Correctness

Political correctness is not mandatory; it is just a political opinion. It may or may not someday become the rule of law or, more than that, a Constitutional Amendment. You are free to violate political correctness and accept all social consequences.

Example - Political Collectivism Going Wrong!

The People’s Forum, a self-described Marxist group, is registered as a charity spending millions of dollars tax-free to support the current unlawful anti-Jewish protest in support of Hamas. Reporter Joseph Simonson, reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, sat in on a People's Forum meeting funded by left-wing oligarchy millionaires. Non-college activists planned in great detail how to fund and organize the protests we have seen on college campuses. This was made possible by a Goldman Sachs charitable arm $12 million donation, the largest donation Goldman made last year to any charity managed by Goldman Sachs. Neville Singham, the Code Pink founder and a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) financier, made the money possible. Goldman Sachs says they had to support the donation as their role is transparent; is this legal? No, Neville Singham gets a US tax break to fund an IRS illegal act; charity can not support breaking the law; the tax break is at least anti-American politics; it is a philanthropist scam, not free speech, and is illegal. 

This incident should remind us to remain vigilant in safeguarding our democracy, ensuring that all actions, whether individual or collective, are conducted within the bounds of the law and in the best interest of our society. There are forces in the world worse than Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, using any means necessary to bring us down. We need Rules for Democracy! Wait, don't we already have that?!


In conclusion, while politics is a form of socialized collectivism, the individual voices within this collective shape the direction and vote of those free to follow. This is a testament to the balance between individualism and collectivism. All political opinions must be freely heard, which is essential for a thriving democracy. Even if you believe strongly in a collective political opinion, having a conflicting or differing opinion may modify your opinion or give you a chance to flip a person's opinion and join your political collective. Open debate of political opinions is how democracy works. The worst political socialized collectivism in our history began in the 1970s. Fifty years later, we have significantly damaged our democracy. The Free Love - Vietnam protest was transformed into protests following SAUL ALINSKY’S 12 RULES FOR RADICALS. Published in 1971, Saul Alinsky died in 1972. We must return to American Democracy, not win by any means necessary.

As we move forward, it is essential to remember that the beauty of democracy lies in the balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. Our society thrives when we acknowledge our interdependence and work together towards shared goals while respecting individual rights and freedoms. This balance is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, allowing us to celebrate our unique contributions while working together for the common good.

The path to a better life is a collective journey we embark on together. By embracing both individualism and collectivism, we can create a society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to the common good. As we continue to navigate the complexities of our world, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity, diversity, and shared commitment to a better life and future.

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