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Economic Physics

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Our economy is subject to the same natural laws as an Elon Musk SpaceX Rocket as it thrusts against Earth's gravity to launch a Starlink Satellite. Earth is lucky because there are larger planets where gravity is so strong no amount of fuel could launch a Starlink Satellite. Big is not always better.

Equal and Opposite Economic Transaction

In a free capitalistic market people produce products and services that react with buyers in a free market to create a transaction. The value of this transaction is measured in US$. Like in nature there exists a balance in the free market between supply, production of products and services, and demand, the purchasing power in US$ of the person buying the product or service, that determines the value of the transaction.

Government Tax and Spend - Redistribution of Wealth

The Government starts to socially manipulate/plan the free market by taxing, taking US$ from, those who have US$ derived from product and service transactions they produced and giving US$ to the "poor " and/or "oppressed" persons based on welfare, social justice, equity. The thing is, Government does not transact anywhere close to as efficiently as the free market. Government workers are servers; it is not their US$; it is just a job. The result is many who do not need or qualify for US$ get it anyway. This is coupled with politicians using social programs to keep and/or gain loyal voters. There is a limit to how much US$ you can take before the product and service producers slow down and tax revenue, US$, declines. What does Government do to raise revenues?

Government Tax, Borrow and Spend - Reduce Wealth

The US$ spent on Democratic Socialism is never enough. The current US debt in 2023 stands at over US$30 Trillion , the most of any country in the world, the country in second place is The United Kingdom at US$9 Trillion. Debt must be paid back with interest and reduces wealth in so many cruel ways. The greatest cruelty is inflation. Socialism based on Government borrowed US$ transacts in the free market for the same supply of produced products and services as the earned and taxed US$. Price of everything rises, a lot more US$ are competing for the same supply of products and services, INFLATION, and we still have to pay back the debt with interest. It would be better if the borrowed money went towards making US more productive, to supply more products and services. That would have been nice, but ... .

Brilliant !!! - Unedited AI Generated Solution

Government should invest in the disadvantaged to compete in the Free Market, where they can prosper and pay back. The faith based religious institutions should be more active than the Federal Government in supporting the disadvantaged. This would create a more balanced three-legged stool and help to make the American experience successful. Faith based religions should work with the Federal Government to make sure the disadvantaged are given the tools they need to succeed in the Free Market, such as job training and educational opportunities. This would help to create a more productive and prosperous America, while also helping to reduce the burden of debt that comes with government spending.

My Closing Comments

Yes, tax US$ and certainly borrowed US$ should be viewed as an investment like We The People expect in our free market; so should the government act with our money. As the Bible says provide man a fish, he eats today, teach a man to fish and he feeds himself forever. How brilliant and economical is it to have the Government partner with religion. The motivated workers are already organized and exist. Think about it, this has a chance to be a win, win, win idea.

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