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How I Vote

We live in a Republican Democracy; notice that our government is not just a Republic nor is it just a Democracy. We have a constitution which overrules a strictly democratic majority vote. By the time you graduate from high school and come of age to vote, you have and obligation and a duty to understand the structure of our government and importance of being an educated voter. It is not a popularity contest; you are hiring people that will have tremendous impact on your life. The people you vote for will represent your hope and dreams and how successful your life will be.

Being a Republican Democracy the United States has two major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. There was a time in the distant past when Republicans and Democrats could work together to make our country stronger and better for all citizens, voters. Back then Free Speech and Debate lead to a better America. My family voted Democrat for President Kennedy in 1960. His view for America had a lot more in common with President Trump's view than President Biden's view. He recognized reality being there is only male and female sex genders on earth, see Tucker Carlson Originals (TCO), "The End of Men". Republican Blake Carlson, see TCO, "The Candidate", reminds me a lot of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Contrast this with Joe Biden's Democratic party today.

On my ballot for November 8, 2022, I will vote for any candidate that declares themselves a Republican. For those that are non-Patrician (NP), I will vote blindly for those running alone as they are going to win anyway and God Bless them for doing the job. For those races having two or more NP candidates, I will research them and decide who to hire to represent my beliefs. It is OK to just make no choice if you do not have the time to research or you just can not make a clear choice.

Remember Your Vote Counts

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