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Every individual, business and government strives to increase revenue. Democrat Socialists criticize capitalism while evangelizing collectivism to enslave individuals to increase government revenues, "one for all, all for one". The phrase "one for all, all for one" emphasizes the idea that each individual should act for the benefit of the group, and the group should act for the benefit of each individual. This is the exact opposite of individual freedom. The American Revolution was all about freedom from colonial collectivism.

Collectivism is NOT liberal NOR progressive. The individual is not free to hold an opinion that exposes the "truth" of the collective as false or any idea or solution that may slow or undercut the collective ideology. An ideology is NOT consistent with Liberalism. A sure way to generate a failed state is to shut down Liberalism, free speech, progressive ideas and solutions. Liberalism starts from a point of history, accepting that history and building on it based on open and free speech debate where facts are presented and changes are made according to a republican democracy, usually under a constitution which we need to get back to.

All revenues are NOT created equal. The most real, "gold standard", revenue is from individual productivity. The next most real revenue is a company selling products and services. Unreal revenue is the tax revenues taken from individuals and companies unless the Government is brilliant and invests it wisely with a generous return.

Government spending of tax revenues can either increase or decrease the safety and prosperity of our nation. Keeping individuals safe is an expense. The only way our Government can increase prosperity is to make Constitutional investments in individuals and companies that produce more products and services thus repaying the investment, yielding more revenue for individuals, companies and our Government. This excludes Government spending to stimulate the economy and providing other social needs such as diversity, inclusion and equity. Government exists to serve We The People NOT to lead We The People. When hard earned money is collected, taxed, from US; We The People expect an equitable return on our investment. Americans are a generous people giving to the truly needy. Government's role is not to be the primary care giver but should incentivize responsible accountable charity from We The People.

All the above being how We The People feel, there is one more thing. Borrowing money on our behalf without it being an wise and secure investment should be done only in dire situations like war and other equally dire emergencies to protect We The People. Otherwise, borrowing money is a sign of either of what should be an unconstitutional act or a failed government. In an age of powerful computers and instant communications and electronic money, We The People who must repay must have the deciding vote to borrow our future earnings. Borrowing money makes a country weak and less likely to defend it's people.

Unedited AI Conclusion

The free market is the cornerstone of the American economy. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the company you are buying from and their positions, whether political or not. In order to ensure a free market that prioritizes individual freedom and fair play, it is important to support companies that take no political position or that support your political views. Additionally, government spending should be focused on investments that will increase safety and prosperity for all citizens, and not just on stimulating the economy or providing social services. Finally, the government should only borrow money in dire circumstances, and the citizens should have the final say in how those funds are used.

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