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Liberalism: We The People, Diverse, No 2 The Same

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

WE The People are not born equal at all, but unequal with a multitude of diverse abilities. The important thing is what we do with our naturally created abilities. I use the word Creator as the source of our abilities as all People are ignorant of the origin of life, so Creator is as good word instead of God so as to get the religious as well as the secular. It is obvious to all of us that a Creator must exist.

The Creator of life knows all the secrets of the Universe. The Creator wants WE The People to flourish by learning the secrets of the Universe, our future depends on how we progress towards the knowledge level of our Creator. This is meant to take a long time, could be 40 billion lifetimes. We The People have just begun. The level of technology we have today will pale next to what we should progress to in the future. Our Creator has provided all the raw materials and intelligence we need for the journey. The only thing that can stop us is We The People ourselves. Pulling back because of the threat of Climate Change rather than pushing through and solving Climate Change is very likely to mean extinction for We The People.

I am old enough, a "flower child", to remember the free speech and free love movements of the 1960s. These movements were about honesty and living a free Subjective Truth within a shared Objective Truth, True Liberalism. I do not see that same honesty and Truths in the "progressive" / "liberal" movements today. The 1960s movement was not political; it was grass roots, initiated by WE The People. By the 1970s politics kidnapped our lifestyle of honesty and Objective Truth, replacing it with Political Correctness, a Subjective Truth based on ideologies, not Objective Truth. First by the politically conservative; then by the radical "progressives". Political Correctness always limits free speech, disagreement and debate. Conservatives retreated to traditional Liberalism while "liberal progressives" took giant steps starting with their own Political Correctness Ideology then leaving that behind for Political Ideology Cultural Destruction that ignores our Constitution and it's Laws, making all of us, We The People, subject to political opinion, new vocabulary, regulation, huge debt, high inflation, eventual higher taxes, energy shortages, sexually mutilated children, loss of parental rights, less progress learning Universal Truth and ... .

PopieTom's Story - 1960s -> Today

In the 1960s there existed a person I will call Berkley Bob, a student at University of California Berkley, who proudly wore a Free Speech button on his chest. We were both "flower children" with the bell bottom jeans, sandals, wide leather belt, long flowing hair, John Lennon like glasses and a beard. Bob was on his way to becoming one of today's faithful Democratic age 70 something voters and I was on my way to becoming a Libertarian Republican voter. Bob spent a significant amount of time actively supporting Free Speech, liberalism, Objective Truth, Free Love, The Truth and more. Bob was not politically active but very active advocating his subjective truth and socializing with those of similar subjective truths. We The People were still individuals back then, able to socialize without considering politics.

The Old Man's Coffee Club Today

Now old guys meet irregularly at a coffee and donut shop to talk about anything that comes up, just something old guys do. The group are politically diverse but they do not waste their time discussing politics since all the men are living in overtime, they know there is little chance of changing anyone's politics; besides things could get ugly and painful. They would rather talk about their youth, cars, sports, the economy, how to make some money, how the weather is affecting the lake level, news and other nonpolitical subjects. From time to time the conversation starts to touch on politics, the tension quickly escalates, everyone gets quiet and somebody changes the subject. Berkley Bob is still supports Liberalism, Free Speech, Objective Truth, The Truth and at our age what does Free Love mean? Bob votes Democrat because he hates Trump and therefore the Republican party as well. If you can get Bob into any conversation devoid of politics you find he operates as a true liberal, Liberalism is what we have in common.


Unlike Political Correctness, Liberalism requires free speech and encourages disagreement and debate under strict rules of order. An order that is much more than a simple democracy opinion which can lead to chaos and mob rule. Anyone is free to publish/speak what they believe to be True in their Subjective Opinion. In the 1950s and 1960s, as a young boy, I remember the great efforts devoted by radio and television to give equal time to Democrats and Republicans. Today the media is biased, invested in political opinion and ideology. Facts are cherry picked and spun to support the ideology NOT focus on finding the Objective Truth. Knowledge is hard to come by. Bias and investment in ideology is not limited to our media. Our schools, colleges and universities are educating our young on ideology and spun facts to present political opinions and promoting Cultural Destruction. For a good lessen on what Liberalism means to society, see chapter “10 LIBERALISM AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO CRITICAL SOCIAL JUSTICE

Encouraging Discussion and Debate”

Excerpt From

Social (In)justice

James Lindsay & Helen Pluckrose

This material may be protected by copyright.

Benefits to Amplifying All Speech

In a liberal free society all opinions are allowed to be amplified, including the True, the UnTrue., all ideologies and even most of what today is called Hate Speech. An UnTrue opinion is important as it may persuade a majority it is True or has value to embellish an existing Truth. Knowledge is always preferred over ignorance even if it is to understand a hateful person, who needs help.

Free Speech Market for Ideas and Solutions

Free Speech makes Liberalism a free market for ideas and a system of conflict resolution. Liberalism is progressive where better ideas eventually win and WE The People win, a win-win (life is good). Liberalism is always a work in progress. It allows criticism of itself and will forever strive to improve. Liberalism is NOT Conservative where some things are not allowed to change, they are "set in stone". To a Libertarian life's goal is for We The People to flourish and progress to knowledge and harmony with our Creator's Universe.

Liberalism and Science

Liberalism and Science are close friends that have a lot in common; they support and nurture each other. Both are goal oriented, problem-solving, self-correcting and depend on free speech, any opinion is a candidate for a Truth. Both are stubbornly optimistic a solution can be found. Over the history of mankind whenever these two are present We The People have flourished and made great progress on knowledge of how the Creators Universe works.

Without Liberalism - Bad Things Can Happen

Even a super majority opinion can NOT overcome a scientific Truth/reality. Two wrongs do not make a right. A wrongful action is not a morally appropriate way to correct or cancel a previous wrongful action. Both are sure ways to fail in the end.

Race & Religion

We The People are diverse; we are of many variations of races and religions. Government must treat us all, We The People, the same, as equals. Socialism is the work of We The People. Government should follow us not lead us. Having Government picking who gets an advantage and who does not is morally wrong. We The People are generous and give help to those in need. Let us, We The People, do it.


Given all the emphasis on the importance of Gender, Creator created a nature that includes just two sexes, male and female for the purpose of reproducing. Gender is what we do with and how we express our naturally given sex and abilities. I think our Creator wants us to be free to be the happiest best version of ourselves doing unto others as we want others to do unto us; enabling the next generation to live and make progress discovering life's Universal facts. No matter how many people want to play the "gender" game, it is still just a superficial personality trait. It is not our Government's role to teach or in any way comment/rule on a child's gender experimentation. It should be a family matter until a person is an adult and able to make their own choices. The Government should leave the Woke agenda to Liberalism of the We The People Free Market and devote public education to giving our children the best chance to live a productive prosperous life.

Climate Change

Elon Musk is talking about Mars more Earth-like to make it easier for We The People to live there, a little Global Warming, on Mars and a atmosphere breathing apparatus. It is a small mental leap to believe that our technology can also control the Earth's CO2 climate. Man's destiny is to improve the Earth for nature and all living things fueled by fossil fuels until we have something better, probably fission or fusion. To ban fossil fuel like the virtue signaling power grab of the Democrats which results in an energy starvation of vulnerable populations just gaining access to energy. For a more detailed understanding of everything surrounding climate change click Alex Epstein Fossil Future for the Truth.

Learning, Language & History

Universities should not exempt students from education by providing "safe spaces" and banning speech generally allowed in the public and the media. In fact Hate Speech in an educational context is educational. So Free Speech on campus should resemble that that Berkley Bob wore the Free Speech button and demonstrated for in the 1960s, traditional liberal speech were Liberalism encourages disagreement and spirited debate in an orderly environment creating the best education possible. Who wants to pay for an education that is uneventful and "safe" while producing a less Liberalism practicing graduate ?

Stanford releases guide against ‘harmful language’ — including the word ‘American’. Freedom of Speech belongs to We The People; changing our language for whatever reason is limiting our Freedom of Speech. Universities pride themselves on being diverse; they can not start eliminating speech and say they are diverse; you can not have it both ways. Calling out harmful language sounds like virtue signaling to me. Universities study our culture, language and society NOT change our culture, language and society.

Destroying language and symbols, such as statues, depicting history does not rid us of it. It is what it is and having it there to remind us of the good and the bad is valuable. There is no Equity, Justice or Reparations that can make up for the past; no amount of money is fair. The people who owe and the people owed are gone.

Affirmative Action, Reparations & Social Equity/Justice

Anything the Government does for We The People must be done equally for all. Government must be very careful not to pick advantaged and disadvantaged. The Government is required to and good at regulating the Free Market societal activity but is outrageously inefficient and ineffectual at creating value, it has had 60 years to produce Affirmative Action value. Spending far less dollars and time, We The People, could have solved the problem. The bottom line is Socialism belongs to We The People; we are much more capable of efficiently and effectively changing society and bettering our lives for all. Under the Constitution, with a strong faith and with the encouraging regulating hand of our elected representatives we can do this; We The People can do things cheaper and better.

World history has taught us a lot about Reparations. See what Stuart E. Eizenstat says about his lifetime of negotiating Reparations. As stated in the first paragraph, two wrongs do not make a right. A wrongful action is not a morally appropriate way to correct or cancel a previous wrongful action. Reparations are only successful in two situations: (1) the wrong doing happens recently enough that the parties and property value involved exist and can be fairly returned, similar to legal action. (2) In all other situations where the property value does not exist any Reparation must involve a win-win solution benefiting all parties, the wronged, the wrong doers and those not a party to the wrong doing.

AI Generated Conclusion

Liberalism is the cornerstone of progress and harmony between We The People and our Creator's Universe. It requires free speech, encourages disagreement and debate, and is always a work in progress. It is a free market for ideas and a system of conflict resolution, and is progressive in that better ideas will eventually win. To ensure the progress of We The People, it is essential that we embrace Liberalism and oppose Political Correctness, Cultural Destruction, and Political Ideologies.

We can not change yesterday, we can only change the here & now and we can only learn, plan and hope for tomorrow.

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