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Make America Great Again - MAGA

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

In 1960 I was 16 years old, too young to vote. However, I was interested in Politics since 1952 when we purchased our first black and white TV in time to follow the campaign between Ike Eisenhower, a Republican, and Adlai Stevenson, a Democrat, for President. My mother and father came from families who traditionally voted Democrat. Most of the post US Civil War south voted Democrat. Even though I was only 8 in 1952, I was well aware and had a mature understanding of the values my parents lived by, Christian Liberalism. The three of us watched all the events that 1952 campaign season from primaries to the November election. During the weeks and months before the election I listened as my parents discussed how each candidate matched or did not match their values. Well before the election it became overwhelmingly clear our family would vote Republican, for the first time, for Ike Eisenhower.


My family repeated the presidential election process again in 1960, Richard Nixon, a Republican, and John F. Kennedy, a Democrat were running for President. Kennedy's vice presidential choice, Lyndon Johnson, was well known to my parents who did not care for his values. Since he shared our last name, Johnson, there was a family joke that he was a distant relative who came from horse thieves, not true, just a family joke. Even though Lyndon Johnson as vice president would mean a financial benefit, NASA would be built in our hometown, Houston Texas, my parents looked at his values as conflictive with our values. As election time approached, my family again made their selection according to their values. As far as we were concerned Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson were opportunistic politicians with poor values. On the other hand John F. Kennedy, the youngest and first Catholic candidate for President was a close match to our family values. We voted Democrat for the best man.

John F. Kennedy's Presidential Performance

President Kennedy did not disappoint. JFK Lived Through Intense Pain and Chronic Health Issues maintaining his youthful, vigorous leadership until his death at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald. Contrast his Democratic Presidency to that of Joe Biden. The press was in love with this President, life in the White House was reported as "Camelot". JFK was not perfect but he was Great and lead America to Greatness. When we say Make America Great Again, we are desiring a return to the confidence, strength and hope that existed in the 1960s under JFK. To get the measure of JFK read 100 Powerful JFK Quotes That Still Ring True Today. One of my favorite JFK quotes is "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". JFK understood that a Great America depends on hard working, self-sustaining individuals, the vast majority of Americans responed. He pledged to assist, but not totally support, liberty in other countries of the world. Socialism is provided for in the US Constitution for the few truly in need of basic needs. JFK's values, Critical Liberalism, means he would not support socialism beyond the basic needs. Once an American citizen has met basic needs JFK would expect them to rise up as a result of their own efforts and eventually help their fellow Americans to rise up.

President Kennedy as our leader, challenged Americans to achieve Greatness. His speeches challenged us to land a man on the moon and safely return him safely to earth before 1970. This was America's Greatest moment in time; more solutions found and more good ideas developed than ever before. Imagine a speech by our next President to challenge America to be Great Again doing something that has never been done before,

see Zero to One - Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future, by Peter Thiel .

We Lost JFK Way Too Soon

JFK's history has more in common with today's liberal Republicans than illiberal Democracts, who are progressing to social disorder (Remember the Hunter Biden Laptop). Critical Theory Democrats have more in common with JFK's killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, a socialist/communist with close contacts to Russia and Cuba who wanted to name his son Fidel than JFK. We lost 5 years of a Critical Liberal and instead got Lyndon Johnson, a manipulative virtue signaling politician who put the Democratic party on a long "playing the race card", abusing the black vote as a winning political strategy while at the same time offering NO substantial working solutions and ideas for 60 years. Desperate to keep the scam going academia came to the rescue with Critical Theory or being WOKE. Democrats have gone far beyond the amateurish political moves of Lyndon B. Johnson.

Control the Words, Control the Culture

Hopefully by now you can see how the semantics of our culture have been used for political gain. You do not hear POLITICAL CORRECTNESS anymore; it is obsolete. Critical Theory elites have worked hard to blur our culture while changing the semantics to erase religion, create new genders, label Christian Liberals and even Critical Liberals as racist and white supremacist. Please spend a few minutes to listen to Michael Knowles of PragerU talk about Critical Theory culture changing semantics.

Critical Liberalism vs. Critical Theory

Critical Liberalism and Critical Theory (WOKE) can not exist together. Liberalism sees knowledge as what we learn objectively/scientifically about reality, The Truth. Theory is fiction developed from opinion not scientific fact/truth, often for political purposes. Critical Theory puts supreme importance on race. It presents sex as a complex set of social constructions. While all the time writing a fictional reality they sell you as progressive. Liberalism is truly progressive, building on a history of objective scientific facts. Listen closely to Kennedy's speech in Rice Stadium about going to the moon and how the metal alloys for the rocket that must be developed, they do not exist. Kennedy was most certainly a Critical Progressive Liberal.

Excerpts From Social (In)justice by James Lindsay & Helen Pluckrose

“Liberalism is the marketplace of ideas, in which better ideas eventually win out, allowing society to advance.” “Liberalism’s success comes down to a few key points: it’s goal-oriented, problem-solving, self-correcting, and—despite what postmodernists think—genuinely progressive.” “This differs from the conservative position—that some ideas are sacred (literally or otherwise) and must not be challenged—and against the postmodern position—that some ideas are dangerous and must not be spoken.”

Critical Theory Is Just A Critical Liberalism Experiment

In time we will get the final judgement of Critical Theory; that is the way it has worked since the beginning of time. You see Critical Liberalism is the background order of the universe. The really big question is how much damage and lost opportunity will mankind suffer before we find the Truth. How many children too young to process the knowledge are subjected to the experiment that mature adults struggle to comprehend. How many children will needlessly end up as sexually damaged adults.

What If JFK Realized His Plan for Social Justice

Odds are that JFK would have gone with a much stronger, quicker, less-expensive and successful solution to race and social justice making the whole Democratic Critical Theory bailout unnecessary. Just think, we would have at least one black Elon Musk by now. Think of the wonderful world that would be.

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