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Not For Profit Socialism

Updated: May 13, 2023

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The most destructive Capitalism is a business that partners with Big Government Political Spending (BGPS). The Government's huge spending power is based on revenue derived from its huge tax and borrowing capability. Government revenue spent in our Free Market (FM), especially that spent with for-profit capitalists, is destructive to the US economy. Government revenue raised by borrowing and spending does super damage, Inflation, hurts everybody especially the most vulnerable.

The government should create and protect the FM, NOT in any way participate in it. To do so would be a conflict of interest as the Government is the "Gorilla in the Room". Remember we are a democracy, We The People rule; the government is here only to administer our democracy and serve us. The FM is ours.

Think of the FM as a fourth branch of government that represents a continuous, 24x7x365, democracy that is the centerpiece of US life; it is the most crucial branch of government. It is a democratic marketplace for freedom of speech, ideas, solutions, products, and services in the world. Until recently the US $ was the unchallenged world's reserve currency. Every time a citizen transacts in the FM, it represents a vote for an idea, opinion, solution, product or service produced and valued by a company or an individual. A FM free of BGPS serves as a powerful check by We The People on the other 3 democratic branches of government. Conversely a FM overwhelmed by BGPS destroys the democracy and freedom of We The People transforming US into a centrally planned socialistic democracy.

A FM is designed to put pressure and limitations on its participants equally. The accountability of the borrow and spend policies for We The People is swift in our internet-connected world. However, for Government, we must wait 2, 4, or 6 years to vote to get accountability. Therefore, the greatest existential threat to our democracy is anything threatening the freedom of independent people in the FM.

Any interference with the right of an individual citizen to make a free choice in a FM must be viewed the same as voter interference in an election. As long as the transaction is legal a citizen has the right to do as he/she pleases. Any regulatory interference, government spending or "strings attached" must be clearly the law of the land, of We The People, not some language, action, or executive order added by the Executive Branch. It is time to stop Executive Branch law-making by regulative overreach especially where our continuous voting FM is concerned.

You have got to love win-win solutions to difficult problems where everyone affected is happy. Less desirable are win-loose solutions where only one side is made happy. Least enjoyed, loose-loose, solutions should always be avoided. Unfortunately, loose-loose is exactly what often happens when BGPS gets involved in trying to help the disadvantaged, for example, the homeless. Money spent in the FM with profit-motivated capitalists rarely ends in a solution, just unending homelessness and ongoing government partner company profits. Those spending the money, government politicians and bureaucrats, want votes and paychecks for being seen spending money on the disadvantaged. The problems are seldom solved. Maybe the politician is marginally reelected and the bureaucrat gets his/her paycheck. However, We The People and the homeless loose-loose. So For Profit Socialism does not work.

Government $s are never spent well. Why? There is no market pressure to insure the $s are spent well. There is never ever a government business failure, government business is a moral hazard just waiting to happen. Only the pressures and anxiety that are fundamental to a FM can bring out the best ideas and solutions from US. The government just continues raising taxes or borrowing $s with our We The People credit card. Government has no savings, $s, it must first take $s or borrow $s before it can give $s or spend $s. With government you always get pedestrian action, no breakthrough ideas or solutions.

What Does Actual/Projected BGPS Look Like?

What do these charts tell you?

It is oh so hard to find good accurate data. Is BGPS 12% of GDP in 2020 as chart one depicts or is it 47% of GDP as chart two depicts? Chart one was created in 2015 and chart two was created in 2021 during COVID; so it probably represents reality. Then there is chart three shows the mountain of debt accumulated in recent years. I have seen several of these on the internet. The picture these charts paint is grim. US as a successful species is drawing dangerously close to extinction. In Darwin's survival of the fittest, we are not fit to survive. Government has failed US, for-profit Socialism has failed US and our only hope is to stop BGPS and incentivize Not For Profit Socialism.

So what does Not For Profit Socialism look like? Well for one thing it does not involve BGPS and it does not involve profit. It is where all parties involved, the disadvantaged unable to earn a living wage, and FM businesses must win. Without big government spending, social problems such as homelessness are solved by the FM motivated not by profit but by their desire to make a real difference while receiving an incentive from the government for their efforts and risk that in the best case can result in a successful investment lowering their payroll expense and receiving more incentive investment by government. In the worst case, lost time but not many real $s. Companies with the best ideas and solutions to the problems of transforming disadvantaged productive self-supporting citizens. Not For Profit Socialism is tough love. The BGPS must dry up and become a thing of the past. If not, the moral hazard where the disadvantaged feel entitled to a "living wage" without participating in the FM is not only possible but probable.

Note that there is still a need for government spending on the disabled. Many FM companies and individuals generously give to the truly disabled. We need to return to the US where able-bodied individuals took pride in being able to support themselves.

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Conclusion By AI

Innovation and creativity. In a Not For Profit Socialism, the free market is driven by social entrepreneurs, innovators, and philanthropists who create solutions to social problems by finding new and creative ways to address them. These solutions are not motivated by profit but by a desire to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Through these efforts, these entrepreneurs and philanthropists can help make a real difference in the lives of the homeless, the underemployed, and other disadvantaged members of society.

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