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Objective Bipartisan Media

Freedom of the Press, Free Press, based on shared facts no longer exists. It has been minimized by today's social media, except today's social media is politically biased, performs censorship and publishes limited opinionated coverage of presented facts and the news. Today's social media moves the people's opinions and beliefs faster than the free press ever did. We suffer lack of progress, stagnation, lost in a sea of political opinions, subjective facts and subjective news reporting, modified to support extreme politics. Elected officials even do it. We need to revive and improve the old Freedom of the Press in a Freedom of Social Media format. This is not something our Free Market based on Capitalist profit has/can achieve. The Federal Government must replace Freedom of the Press with a new Free Social Media that publishes only objective facts and objective scientific research that are true and peer reviewed and approved in the minds of those on the left and the right, the vast supper majority of the people. Thus instantly establishing a Truth Based common ground on which to base opinions, politics and the peoples vote. The Federal Government must leave existing social media free in a Free Market to freely feed off of these baseline objective Truths. This freedom is guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution. This would enable Free Market Politics to develop solutions much faster and efficiently, breaking the deadlock of left and right politics where small extreme factions grab attention on 24/7 social media which leads to deadlock stagnation with the left and the right creating endless non-convincing arguments, like the nutritional benefit of chewing bubble gum. For example, where is the common ground objective facts and objective scientific research surrounding the issue of global warming. One can not help but believe there exists a solution, but without shared objective facts and science to begin with and extreme positions taken by factions of the left and right agreement is out of reach. Furthermore, what about how to deal with covid. Who does not think there was a better way. Starting from a mutually agreed upon set of objective facts and science we could have done much better damaging far fewer people and doing less harm to the economy that we all depend upon.

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