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Survival Mode

In my last post I made the statement "Life is best lived in survival mode". I have been told that psychologists say "survival mode is not the best way to live".

Survival mode is an adaptive response of the human body to help us survive danger and stress. ... When we experience stress, a sequence of hormonal changes and physiological responses occur in our body that allow us to respond by preparing them to fight, flight, or freeze (Harvard Health Publishing, 2018).

Maybe I over emphasized my point a little. Let us just say you want to live your life just shy of survival mode persistently giving your 110% to your values and goals you have set for yourself. Giving 110% persistently is very hard to do if you don't have passion, love, for the work you are doing.

Now it is important to experience true survival mode every once in a while so we do not loose touch with why it happens and how to avoid it. Also we need to calibrate our work day to maintain 110% performance. Sometimes we will fall short but persistence brings us back to 110%.

In my life, school was the first time I experienced reoccurring survival mode. Until I learned how to prepare myself, every test created pure panic. Over the years this repeated school routine turned panic into confidence. I could feel the pressure and stress of the next test but over time this became the way I lived my life and I was comfortable with it.

It isnot IQ, intelligence quotient. It isPQ, persistence quotient. It is not the idea but what you do with the idea. Being smart is only a start. Education is not filling a bucket but building a fire. Life is good when we are super productive, producing something of value to others. Individuals so motivated, doing something they also love give 110% to the Free Market. If enough people give 110% we all grow and prosper. Mankind survives and who knows? Someday we may colonize Mars.

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